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AUTHOR: O F Walton USED IN: Lit and Crea Writ 7 (paces 39-40) BEWARE! WHITE. BLUE. RED. GREEN. WHITE. BLUE. RED. GREEN. The lonely island lighthouse warned of Ainslie Crag. Suddenly, a streak of light bolted through the ugly, black sky. A flare! A ship! Headed straight for Ainslie Crag! "Out with the boat," shouted Grandfather. "Hurry, Jem! Jumpin, Alick!" The fierce wind beat wildly against them. Would they reach the ship in time? The little rowboat could not hold all the passengers waiting to be rescued. Who would stay and who would go? What would become of them all? Could the little boat survive the perilous journey back to the old lighthouse that stood tall and unshakable, as the storm attacked its very foundations? Would Alick, Sandy, and Jem ever get back to the solid rock? Saved at Sea is a surprising and delightful tale of adventure that will intrigue and enrich young readers.



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