000067 Dog of Flanders

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AUTHOR:Marie Louise De La Ramee USED IN: Lit and Crea Wri 1057-1058 Life is wonderful for little Nello and his great-grandfather in the region of Flanders when a big dog, Patrasche, come into their lives. The dog is received as a special, Divine blessing and provision. He furnishes not only companionship but also a livelihood for the elderly man and his fair-headed great-grandson. As Nello grows up, a wonderful, God-given gift begins to blossom. It is so special he shares it only with Patrasche and little Alois, daughter of the wealthy village miller. The gift brings joy: then tragedy follows tragedy. Ever faithful, Patrasche waits and watches in silence. Can faith overcome the obstacles of rejection and misunderstanding? Will Nello’s great desire to use his gift for God’s glory ever became reality?



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