000095 ANN OF AVA

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AUTHOR: Ethel Hubbard USED IN: Lit 6 Nancy was struggling with a question that no women in America had yet been called upton to face. Should she marry the man who was consuming her thoughts and go to a distant land, probably never to return? Ann (Nancy) Hasseltine grew up in the little village of Bradford, Massachusetts. The girl - both beautiful and popular - had trusted Christ as her Saviour at the age of sixteen. On the fifth of February, 1812, Ann's answer to the question became official, and she and missionary Adoniram Judson were married. Within the month, they were on a ship bound for Calcutta, India, both determined to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to the Eastern World. Ann of Ava is a riveting account of a young woman's journey to the country ot heathen Burma. In this land of wild animals, disease, and rampant poverty, could she survive and be happy? In the face of tremendous obstacles and perils, only an extraordinary spirit of faith and courage could see her through. The life of Ann Hasseltine Judson is story of true heroism that will inspire all who read it.



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