000129 Grandpa's Christmas Gift

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AUTHOR: Sarah Hopewell USED IN: Lit and Crea Writ 1067-1068 Ace Virtueson rode quietly along in the back seat of his parents’ car on the cold, blustery night of the “big snow,” barely two and a half weeks before Christmas. At that very moment, an ambulance was rushing his grandfather to the Highland City Hospital emergency room, and that was where he and his parents were headed. Ace was naturally concerned and could not understand why God was allowing this tragedy to come into his life. He knew God was in control, but the timing seemed all wrong. How could he know that another young man was asking some of the same questions and dealing with his own set of life-changing events? Manny Rodriguez had recently been uprooted from his homeland, his father appeared to be gravely ill, and now the family was stranded without transportation, income or a place to live. Was it part of Gods’ plan that their lives should cross? How would each face the challenges of uncertainty, loneliness and obedience to their Lord? You will find out as an unbelievable chain of events unfolds in Grandpa’s Christmas Gift.



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