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AUTHOR: Earnest Lloyd USED IN: Lit and Crea Writ 5 (pace 1047-1048) & (1049-1050) Choice Stories for Children contains nearly forty stories written during the late 1800”s. every story has an important lesson designed to build good character. The stories were selected from four out of print books; Scrapbook Stories, Golden Grains vol.1 and vol.3 and Lost Jewels. List of Stories in book: 1. Grumbling Tommy 2. Some Little Folks 3. Joe Benton's Coals of Fire 4. Selling a birthright 5. Mattie's Prize 6. Annie's Hany Box 7. School Sickness 8. Kepper of the Light 9. Florie's Birthday Party 10. The Hard Way 11. Rose's Revenge 12. Aunt Jane's Party 13. Into the Sunshine 14. Lily May's "Good Time" 15. Paul's Canary 16. Bertha's Queer Graveyard 17. The Boy who took a Boarder 18. One Minute More 19. Making Up 20. Joe Green's Lunch 21. The Conductor's Mistake 22. Burned without Fire 23. The Temptation 24. The Two Gardens 25. Always the Bible 26. Dishonesty 27. The Tempting Gloves 28. The Spider 29. The count and the Dove 30. My First Theft 31. Courage and Cowardice 32. The sensitive Plant 33. The Burnt Compostion 34. The Revenge 35. The Wicket Gate 36. The Wanderer's Prayer 37. Perserverence 38. Nothing To Do 39. "Always Be Honest"



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