000275 Miracle at Camp Friendship

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AUTHOR: Sarah Hopewell USED IN: Lit 5 (L & W 1055-1056) A spirit of excitement is in the air as Pudge, Ace, Christi, and their friends begin an adventure-filled weekend retreat at Camp Friendship. There are surprises right from the start as “the resort” turns out to be a few things more and less than they imagined. When everyone chooses a buddy, Pudge is more surprised than anyone. Then they check in at the lodges and the real fun begins. There is never a dull moment and one adventure leads to another. Night time brings its own unexpected thrills, but unbeknown to the campers, God is using all this to bring about a special miracle. The real challenge is a test of the heart. Can faith get you through scary situations? Just how far will a friend go to help? How does God work in our lives? Pudge and his friends find out. You will want to find out too!



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