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406060F 4TH ED FIJI MATH PACE 1060

Price excl. Tax: AUD8.04Tax: AUD0.00
Weight: 110 g
Character Objective: Appreciative
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:18
To add ; to add and subtract kina and cents; to write out words for dollars and cents; to multiply dollars and cents; to round to the nearest dollar; to round to the nearest five cents; to measure to the nearest half centimetre; to learn the metric units of measure for length, volume and weight; to change larger metric units of measure to smaller units of measure; to learn the meanings of the prefixes for centi-, milli- and kilo-; to learn about some imperial units of measure for length and weight, to change Imperial units into metric units; to solve word problems and to learn to be thankful to God and others



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